About Us

AutoSpec was founded in 2009 on the basis of providing drivers real answers to some of their most subconscious worries… their vehicles. Today, we provide Lemon Car Inspection, Verification or Second Opinion of Repairs, Rideshare, Engine and Powertrain Performance Analysis, Pre-Purchase and End-of-Warranty Inspections.

Think about how many hours your vehicle is on the road every week. Think about who you transport in your car every day. Think about what problems may exist regarding safety and performance  that you may not be aware of. These are all things that we think about every day, and these are the reasons why AutoSpec was created.

The professional inspection staff at AutoSpec will provide you with information about your car’s safety and functionality in the form of an unbiased evaluation. Your peace of mind is our main concern and giving you real answers is our main goal.

Today’s vehicles are much more sophisticated than cars of the past. Many drivers believe that if a car sounds good, runs well and shifts properly there are no problems. Unfortunately, the truth is, not all problems will illuminate a warning light. And furthermore, a warning light could be caused by multiple issues. Too often when a warning light has been illuminated damage has already been done.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know that something is going to go wrong and fix a small problem, rather than have to replace a more expensive component or system?

Wouldn’t you prefer to know that the used car you are about to buy is free of mechanical issues, or better yet, that it actually wasn’t in an accident- just as the salesman is telling you?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to sleep well at night knowing that anyone who gets into your car is safe and secure?

That’s Who We Are and Automobile Inspections Are What We Do.

We are here to offer you solid proof of the efficiency, safety and functionality of your vehicle in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington, Fayetteville, Rocky Mount and Wilson.