Why You Need AutoSpec

Long-term vehicle ownership is on the rise. More and more individuals and organizations are investing in car maintenance and used car purchases versus new car purchases. This means that vehicle inspections are increasingly important. Customers are flocking to have their cars inspected in order to prevent major repairs down the road. Businesses are aware of how poor vehicle performance can increase the downtime of company vehicles, thus reducing productivity.

By choosing AutoSpec, you will receive an on-site, unbiased evaluation of your vehicle. The inspections are performed by ASE-Certified inspectors with a minimum of 5-years of hands-on experience. The diagnostic equipment used to perform your vehicle inspection is the latest, high-quality equipment available. And finally, you will typically have your vehicle inspection report within 24 to 48 hours. We know that your car’s safety and performance are important to you, your family, or your business.

We are the first company to introduce the following to the vehicle inspection industry…

• Relative compression testing 

• Engine volumetric efficiency testing 

• Upper and lower end engine inspections

• Thermal imaging cameras

• The use of moisture meters

• Airborne ultrasound detection  equipment 

• Vibration analysis 

• Accelerometers 

• Pressure transducers

• Pre-Purchase Inspection Manual


Our Certifications and Affiliations

BP Fuel Certification
Motorist Assurance Program Certification
IATN Certification
NMVTS Certification
ASE Certification